It is commonly said, that we only live once, so, enjoy each and every, moment of it. But, indeed we all are busy doing work, there is always a hustle and bustle around us. In this kind of situation, we rarely find a chance to relax and visit all those places we love to go. But, we have many opportunities to see the places of our choice like in summer holidays, winter vacations and many others. In any of the season if we want to live our lives lively we would love to go to the places we love. Along with that, how superb thing it would be if you have luxurious and attractive wheels with you with which you can make every journey your journey.


Rent a car:


So, if you are interested in going to the places you love and wants to enjoy each and every moment of your trip in your on way. the best and first this you can do is to rent a car of your choice. If you are going somewhere for a month or more than the best option for you is Monthly Car Rental, rent a car for a month and easily enjoy a comfortable journey with your loved ones. But one thing you must take care before hiring a car, always choose a reliable car renting contractor and check the details of the services that particular company whether they are offering prolonged car rental services or not, and if they are offering so, what are there terms and regulations?

Best car rental services in UAE:


People of UAE are greatly fond of travelling. Along with that there are thousands of foreigners who comes to visit UAE on daily basis for you and all of the travelholic peopleRental cars UAE is providing a huge range of lavish wheels that will make you tour more enjoyable. In UAE Rental cars have gain an extraordinary fame due to the mesmerizing range of their wheels which they rent for a day, week, a month or more according to your requirement.Monthly car rentals are thecompanion of your journey. We are just a call away from you, just make a call and book your favorites car and we shall deliver it to your place with the surety of reliability and satisfaction.


Some rental details:


Some of the most frequently hired cars by Rental cars UAE with their rental prices are listed below:

  • Nissan sunny 750 AED/week
  • Hyundai creta -brand new 2017. 2400 AED/month
  • Hyundai i10, 1290 AED/month
  • Nissan micra,1300 AED/month


These are just some of them. What you need to do is just make a call and tell us which is your dream car, and we will provide you with best at an economic rate.


Why only us?


Monthly car rentals by rental cars is the first priority of the people of UAE. Some major reasons of this achievement are:

  • Free delivery
  • Free cancelation
  • Full day assistance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Best customer services 24/7
  • Maintenance of our cars
  • Economic services