Radon is a highly radioactive gas that belongs to the class of noble elements. It has no smell, color or taste, therefore it is extremely difficult to detect its presence.It is produced as a result of the breakdown of radioactive elements like Uranium, Thorium and Plutonium under the surface of the earth, the soils, rocks and water bodies.

Being radioactive in nature it has the characteristic of being highly permeable and it has the ability to pass through the surface of the earth, cross the concrete blocks and gravitate particles enter in the houses. Another source of entry of Radon in home Is water. If due to any imbalance the fixation of radon in the atmosphere is disturbed it starts to dissolve in the water bodies. This radon poisoned water is then used for drinking purposes which causes health hazards.

Is radon is really harmful?

An important question that one may ask is that why this radon is harmful? Well extended exposure to a high concentration of radon is listed amongst the main reason of lung cancer in non-smokers. There are two means through which this radon in homeĀ may enter your body. The first way is via the air canal. When you breathe in air containing high concentrations of radon, it enters your lungs along with the oxygen. Here the radon decomposes producing daughter radon elements as well as radiations.

This disintegration reaction taking place inside the lungs releases small bursts of energy that damage the lung tissue and make the lungs prone to developing tumors leading to lung cancer. The second way radon enters the human body is through the consumption of radon poisoned water. The entry of radon via the contaminated water is a lot more hazardous. The reason being that when radon contaminated water is consumed it not only enters the lungs via the blood stream, but comes in contact with the gastric tube, esophageal lining and the internal organs including the stomach as well.

Radon risks are increased incomparably:

Hence it becomes a component of the digestive system and causes damage to all these vital organs as well. Therefore, when radon enters the body via mouth through contaminated water the risks it causes are increased incomparably.

Radon in home despite being a serious issue and a severely dangerous problem is not an issue that has no solution. But preventing damage due to radon poisoning demands being proactive. Due to its characteristics and properties radon is nearly impossible to detect without testing. You have two options. Either you may buy a radon testing kit and perform the test yourself or you may hire a professional to perform a thorough testing procedure for you. Testing for the presence of radon in water however has only one way. You need to collect a sample of running water in a sterile container and send it to a laboratory to get tested for the presence and the exact concentration of radon. Despite the fact that the health authorities have still been unsuccessful to agree upon a radon concentration that can be pronounced safe or acceptable. However most of the biomedical scientists and researchers agree that you should be worried if the level exceeds 4 picocurie per liter in air and 4000 picocurie per liter in water.