The vets at Crossroads Animal Clinic have vast experience in dealing with bowel disorders in your pets. They can treat cats, dogs and other residential pets with equal efficiency. The first steps for the treatment start with detailed diagnosis. In some instances the best of diagnosis may not show the exact causes of the disorder, yet the experts here are capable of analyzing the internal symptoms. Based on the symptoms analysis they are able to determine the exact root causes of the disorder. Some of such disorders are discussed in brief here. The approach to treatments adopted by the vets at Crossroads Animal Clinic show their practical efficiency.

Crossroads Animal Clinic – Pet Bowel Problems

Before I took my pet dog to the Crossroads Animal Clinic for treatment I had tried out several other clinics. The method of treatments followed there did give results, but often the time consumption was more. The number of prescribed medicines and drugs also created side effects for my pet. Ultimately I was about to give up when one of friends suggested I go to Crossroads Animal Clinic.

  • Straight Approach: – At Crossroads Animal Clinic I found out what pet treatment really means. The vet there asked me to wait till she completed the diagnosis procedures. I was able to get the results within the next few minutes. Then she asked me to take the reports and consult the specialist. There the expert studied the reports for what seemed to be eternity. Finally she shook her head and complained about poor food habits of my pet. She simply said “You are not paying enough attention to your pet food are you?” This question startled me. That was true being working couple I and my hubby stayed out most of the time. Our pet was left alone with the foods we prepared the kept in the bowl. Most often we bought out the packed foods and fed our pet as we didn’t have enough time to prepare food. The canned food which stayed in the eating bowl for day long had spoiled, creating bowel diarrhea for our pet. The specialist was able to diagnose the problem based on the symptoms of Pythoiosis, inflammation and other food intolerance signs. She said she would treat our pet on only one condition. Either we promised to take better care of her or give her off to some pet care center. Of course we didn’t want to do that. Then we promised to appoint a care taker and she treated our pet. She got healed within the next few days.
  • Post Treatment: – The advice given by the vet specialist for eh post treatment care at home has been really effective. In fact she was courteous to help our new pet care taker in learning all the procedures from the start to the finish. Today our pet is healthy and fit in all the aspects. We rarely take her to the Crossroads Animal Clinic part from the regular health checks.