What is HDMI Cable

Most of us know what a regular HDMI cable is as we use it for many connections within our home; however, we just know one of its many usages. An HDMI basically provides an interface in between any sort of video/audio source, these sources may be DVD players, any AV box or receiver, monitors or even televisions, this implies that you only need one cable to complete the setup of audio video interface. The full form of HDMI means ‘High Definition Media Interface’.

HDMI Inputs and Outputs

The inputs and outputs of HDMI look the same, they are multi-pin ports found on the back or front side depending on the type of electronic. One thing to consider is that not all devices would have input or output so it is best to do your research beforehand to ensure that you buy the most usable combination. An example of this would be that the back of the Apple TV has an output of HDMI which connects to the TV using the HDMI input. Projectors, HDTV and receivers are typical examples of where HDMI inputs are found. They are then displayed on players, media streamers, and other displays.

Do I have an HDMI

This is a question that I have been asked many times and it is valid as this is information that you need to check before you purchase any electric device, when browsing for the perfect AV device, make sure that you check the specifications to see if it has inputs and outputs.  In case you have already purchased your device and forgot to check then all you have to do is to check for the port which is usually is the back or side of your component; however, few devices would also have it in the front so it is best to check all sides starting from back to side to front. The ports are labeled as HDMI and have a unique shape as well, it will also tell you how many HDMI ports your component has as they are numbered as HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, etc. Also, it is best to check if your component has a HDMI cable of its own or do you need to separately buy it as both scenarios are possible depending on the component that you are buying.

Buying HDMI cables

So now you know the basics about HDMI cables and their usage, the next step is to go shop for one. So as soon as you enter the store you see a lot of headphones brands with different prices, some may be expensive while the other are inexpensive, few brands would be even claiming that their cables are better in terms of quality and resistance. We should keep on minds sharp knowing that this is one of the most riddled consumer electronic segment when it comes to marketing voodoo. Considering this fact, we asked an expert the find out the difference between expensive HDMI and budget offering HDMIs.

Picture quality

Our first finding was of picture quality, it was investigated that picture quality remains the same across all cables. If you have been told that a better quality or an expensive cable will give you better picture quality then you have been mistaken as it has been proven that all cables will give consistent quality. So, even if it is $6 cable or $120 cable, they both will have the same output as they the exact same specifications.

HDMI Certification

What is interesting to know is that cables are rated based on their speed, original 1.0 HDMI is made for HD which includes 720p, 1080i. On the other hand HDMI 2.0 can handle up to 18 Gbps and is the high speed HDMI cable. Now this implies that if you are getting a 4K TV then your most definitely need a high speed cable.

Cable quality

HDMI might look like an ordinary cable but it is manufactured though a very complex process because it has 19 pins and it is next to impossible to deliver the same quality every time. There is a compliance team whose job is to ensure that all cables are as per standard; however, there is always a risk that some fake cables would enter the market.

Other reasons

There are other factors that also play a role which include the thickness of the cable, how long is the cable, how durable it is, what is the warranty period that is being offered and what is the brand equity of the cable brand that you are purchasing.

Take away

So, these few steps will help you spend the right amount of time on money on cables. First make sure that the cable is marked as high speed HDMI cable, the next thing you want to do is to check the reviews on the cable online, this might seem unimportant but it really does help you take the right decision. Make it clear that high priced cable does not equal to high quality cable.

Good Luck Fellow Cable Friends!